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#446 Where in the Bible does it authorize the use of a Pope?

The team answers a question about the Pope.


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#445 Is misleading your opponent in a game a sin? / Are you only forgiven for sins you verbally confessed?
We answer a couple questions about sin.

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#444 Where was Saint Joseph during the Crucifixion?

What ever happened to Saint Joseph? We explain.

BONUS: We answer where Jesus' clothes came from after the Resurrection.


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Should I attend the rehearsal dinner on Good Friday for my daughter's wedding?

What should you do when a big event happens on Good Friday? We have some advice.


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The team explains some Mass protocol.

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We answer a question about a Lenten dilemma.

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We answer a question about a not-so-prominent biblical figure.

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This week's podcast answers a question about the Sacrament of Marriage.

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A look at different Catholic churches and what it means for your Sunday obligation.

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Say what? We answer a question about how to address the idea of "speaking in tongues."

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