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Have you ever wondered: Is there a difference between Christianity and Catholicism? We dive right in to the question on this episode.


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Messiah, Son of God, Little League pitcher? We answer a young listener's question about Jesus' childhood. BONUS: Explanation about Heaven for a 2-year-old.

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What do these words mean? Did Jesus rise from the dead before? We clarify on this edition of the Busted Halo Cast. 


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We answer a question about religious vocation and permanent commitment.

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Just in time for Christmas, some prep for confession if you haven't been to church in a while.

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This week's podcast answers questions about Mary.

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Timing is everything -- especially getting to Mass on time. The team discusses arriving late.


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With Thanksgiving around the corner, the team discusses family and forgiveness.


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This week, we talk about what Heaven will be like -- What age do we appear in Heaven and will we recognize other people?

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On this week's podcast, we talk about baptism -- What happens when you're baptized and if you ever need to be rebaptized.


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