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Answering your questions of faith

Happy 400th Busted Halo Cast! Things have changed a bit through the years – as you can see in the photo to the right. For this very special episode, we have an “on location” report from Fr. Dave to help us answer a caller’s question of faith. Here at the Busted Halo Cast, we go to great lengths to get your questions answered! Coming Attractions -- We’re on the road to Emmaus with Jesus and the disciples, sharing hospitality and breaking bread with one another. Church Search from the most famous Catholic church in the world -- St. Peter’s Basilica. Save your frequent flyer miles for a visit.


Don’t miss this special edition of the Busted Halo Cast -- and thank you for listening!


0:00 — Intro

5:21 — Question


15:23 — Coming Attractions

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