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This week's Question: I went on retreat last weekend and brought my luggage to work and my co-workers disparaged me. How should I have responded? Coming Attractions for this week's gospel. Church Search is in Boston. Hear about Brittany's dog Shiloe.
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In BustedHaloCast 163...

We stand corrected on a question about confession.

A facelift for BustedHalo.com

Coming Attractions for Sunday's Gospel

And a Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama


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What is the Assumption of Mary?

Coming Attractions and

Church Search is in Perrysburg, OH

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Question on the desecration of the Eucharist Wrapping up World youth Day Coming Attractions Church Search is in Omaha
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From World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia. How can we recapture the spirit of World Youth Day once we get back home? Coming Attractions for Sunday A church in chicago
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