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A question on Con-vilidation and communion. Out of the Haze focuses on Pope Benedict's attempt at reconciliation this week. Coming attractions from Sunday's gospel Church Search is in Akron, OH
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Has the church changed it's position on purgatory? Coming Attractions for the Conversion of St Paul Church Search is in Winter park Florida
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A question on the seasons of the church Out of the Haze talks about the healing of sprits. Coming Attractions for the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Church Search is in Philly
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A question on Sinful Priests

Out of the Haze

Coming Attractions
Church Search is in Mt Plesant Michigan
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Question on going to a non-Catholic Christmas service. Out of the Haze reflects on the Christmas season. Coming Attractions for Epiphany. An interview with Frances Farrell of the Seattle Archdiocese. Church Search is in the Twin cities.
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