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How can we make sense of the Trinity?  (oh boy!)  No intern this week because it's still Christmas Break.  Church Search in No. Carolina.  12-29-10.

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Is it okay to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Jesus at Christmas Mass?  It's the Christmas Party podcast episode!  Party with Busted Halo!  12-22-10.

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What is Apostolic Succession? Do we really have accurate records going back to the apostles?  Stephanie is the intern du jour.  Please give to our Holiday Fund Drive at BustedHalo.com.  12-15-10.

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How do you listen to God?  Please give to our Double Your Dollars Holiday Fund Drive @ www.bustedhalo.com.  Church Search for the Immaculate Conception.  12-8-10.

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Do more people go to confession face-to-face or behind the screen?  It's time for our annual "Double Your Dollars" Holiday Fund Drive.  Please go to BustedHalo.com to support this podcast!  12-1-10.

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Should I be afraid of the upcoming changes to the Mass?  On location: Horseshoe Bay, TX.  Special guest: Fr. Steven Bell, CSP.  Church Search (live theme song): Austin, TX.  11-17-10.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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What does the term "apostasy" mean? Tara Devine is the intern du jour.  NYC Marathon recap. Church search in Ashville, NC.  11-10-10.

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What are the different kinds (levels?) of sins?  Stephanie the intern joins us.  Church Search goes to Wash., DC.  11-03-10.

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What (papal declared) year is it?  Intern du jour: Stephanie.  Stories about Nebraska (and church search there).  Happy Halloween.  10-27-10

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Does cleaning my rosary affect the pope's blessing on it?  SORRY that we forgot to podcast last week!  Intern du jour: Tara Devine.  Church Search in Maryland.  Come golf with us (www.paulist.org/golf). 10-20-10.

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Can a Mass intention be for a non-Catholic?  Did Jesus use the term "church"?  New intern Kevin joins the Cast.  Church search in Boston, Mass.  10-07-10.

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Who gets to decide what time Mass is allowed to start on Sat. evening?  Fr. Dave's birthday!  Whoops... last week, a technical problem.  Church search in Wisconsin.  09-30-10.

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Where can I find a "spiritual advisor"?  Stephanie is the intern du jour.  Fr. Dave just back form Memphis.  Church Search goes to Alabama.  9-22-10.

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Was Martin Luther inspired by God to reform the Church?  Catie the intern's last podcast.  Church search in Knoxville, TN.  09-16-10.

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Are there some sins so serious that only the bishop can forgive?  NEW intern Stephanie joins the Cast.  Church search in Austin, TX.  9-8-10

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What are the rules regarding contemporary music during Mass?  Fr. Dave is back from vacationing in Norway!  Brittany's mom visited NYC and Tara went on a retreat! Church Search Oklahoma City, OK.  09-01-2010

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Fr. Dave and Brittany Janis send Buzz off in style for his last podcast.  They all answer a question of faith about penance.  In honor of Buzz's departure, Church Search visits Boulder, Colorado.  8-11-10

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Brittany Janis is still out, so intern Tara Devine fills in by joining Fr. Dave and intern Buzz Almon to answer a question of faith about angels.  An unexpected guest surprises the Busted Halo Cast and directs Church Search to visit Buffalo, NY.  08-04-10

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It's an intern mutiny!  Fr. Dave is joined by Buzz and Catie fills in for Brittany for a question of faith about whether or not Mary had pain in child birth.  Church search goes to Florida.  07-28-10.

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Fr. Dave and Brittany beat the heat by moving the podcast to a new location.  Two interns stop by to help answer a question of faith.  Church search visits upstate NY.  07-21-10

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Fr. Dave, Brittany Janis, and intern-of-the-week all brave the swampy studio for a podcast about whether or not Catholics share the concept of the "Priesthood of all Believers" with other Christian denominations.  Church search goes all the way up to Alaska.  07-14-10

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What are the new changes to the Mass?  Check out details at usccb.org/romanmissal.  Yet another new inter joins us: NIck!  Brittany mourns the loss of her guinea pig.  :-(    Church Search in Santa Monica, CA.  7-7-10.

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Fr. Dave answers a question from a "Deacon to be" about a local parish encouraging those going through confirmation to not choose a new confirmation name.  Church search visits the city of Brotherly Love.  6-30-10
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A "getting over a cold" Fr. Dave answers a question of faith about the church's teaching of what happens to non-Catholics in the afterlife.  Church search visits Austin, Texas.  06-23-10
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#245 - Lord's Name in Vain & Defacing a Bible

Fr. Dave and Brittany are joined by a new intern!  Tara drops by the studio to help with a two question special edition of the Busted Halo Cast.  The first is about what counts as "taking the Lord's name in vain" and the second about defacing a bible.  Church search visits Kansas City, MO.  6-16-10

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#244 - Is My Marriage 'Valid'?

Brittany finally returns to do a podcast with Fr. Dave and Buzz the Intern.  A question about marriages outside of the Catholic church.  Church search visits Kentucky (one of the many places Brittany visited during her vacation).  06-09-10

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#243 - How Sick Does One Need to be for The Anointing of the Sick?

Fr. Dave and Buzz the Intern settle a caller's bet about the Annointing of the Sick.  Is it only for the physically ill?  Or can it be done for mental and/or spiritual sickness as well?  Church search visits Ohio.  6-2-10

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Busted Halo Cast #241 - Should I be worried about fallen breadcrumbs from homemade eucharistic bread?

Should I be worried about fallen breadcrumbs from homemade eucharistic bread?  NEW INTERN: Buzz joins us.  Church search goes to Iowa.  5-19-10.

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Busted Halo Cast #240 - How do I join the Knights of Columbus

How do I join the Knights of Columbus?  Supplemental information about "tree scientists," and summer intern #1: Cate.  Church Search in New Jersey, readings for the Ascension of the Lord.  5-12-10.

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Busted Halo Cast #239 - What is the "Unforgivable Sin"?

What is the "Unforgivable Sin"? What is a "Bishop's Blessng"?  It's Cinco de Mayo!  Church search in Knoxville, TN.  5-5-10.

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Busted Halo Cast #238 - Do Catholics Believe in Ghosts?

Do Catholics Believe in Ghosts?  What does the Church teach nowadays about ghosts?  Brittany's back from jury duty!  Church search (and Brittany) got Philadelphia.  4-28-10.

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Busted Halo Cast #237 - Can I partake of the cup at Communion if I've pledged to give up alcohol?

Can I partake of the cup at Communion if I've pledged to give up alcohol? Brittany's STILL on Jury Duty, so...more Joe Williams.  Church Search in Salt Lake City, UT.  4-21-10.

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Where can I get a Bible that contains the Book of Judith?  Brittany's on Jury Duty, so... special guest co-host Joe Williams!  Church Search in Galveston, TX.  4-14-10.

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Busted Halo Cast #235 - After the resurrection, why did Jesus present himself as




After the resurrection, why did Jesus present himself as "unrecognizable"?  It's the Octave of Easter!  Church Search in Ketchican, AK.  4-07-10.


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Busted Halo Cast #234 - Can I get married during Lent?


Can I get married during Lent?  When is Lent officially over?  Can I go to confession on Good Friday or Holy Saturday?  Are clergy allowed to give out ashes out on the street on Ash Wed.?  If you would like to be an intern at Busted Halo, email Brittany@BustedHalo.com.  Chocolate Fountain!  Church search goes to Honolulu, Hawaii.  3-31-10


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What is the priest praying silently while lying prostrate at the beginning of the Good Friday Liturgy?…and because it's been 3 weeks, more questions:  Why are the readings for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sundays of Lent different?  What's the fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam?  Is it really a mortal sin to miss Mass?  Why do we say, "Lord, I'm not worthy to receive you" and then go receive the Lord?  (Sorry it's been so long!)  Church search in Ocean Beach, CA.  3-26-10


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Busted Halo Cast #232 - Should I be worried about the academic workload of seminary?

Should I be worried about the academic workload of seminary?  With special guest, seminarian Tom Gibbons, CSP.  Church search: Austin, TX.  3/3/10. (some audio problems... sorry!)

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Busted Halo Cast #231 - Did Jesus really die, or was he pretending?


Did Jesus really die, or was he pretending?  Church search:  Rancho Santa Fe, CA.  


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How long must I fast from eating before Mass?  What should I do during elevation of the Eucharist after the consecration?  Church search goes to snowy Washington, DC.  2/18/10.


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How many times can you receive Eucharist in one day?  *Special Simul-Cast* with Nick & Pat Padley from "In Between Sundays" podcast. Brittany & Fr. Dave play "Rom Com or Horror Flick"!  Church search in Kansas City, KS. 2-13-10.


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Do Over! What is (really) the function of a Cardinal Bishop? Fr. Dave eats crow for an incomplete (wrong?) answer to last week's question. Church search: CT. Tell us what you think of the 'cast at Brittany@BustedHalo.com. 1-27-10

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What is the function of a Cardinal Bishop? The church reacts to the tragic earthquake in Haiti. Church search in "the midwest." Email Brittany@BustedHalo.com and tell us what you think of the podcast. 1-20-10.

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What's the difference between a campus ministry and a parish? We're in Orlando, FL, with guests Fr. Larry Rice ("Facts of Faith" podcast) and Jamie Capetta (Church Search for the St. Thomas More Catholic Chapel at Yale University).

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Should I avoid dating if I think God may be calling me to priesthood? It's your last chance to give to our “Double-Your-Dollars Holiday Fund Drive” to keep the Busted Halo Cast coming! (1-6-10)

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