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Busted Halo Cast #234 - Can I get married during Lent?


Can I get married during Lent?  When is Lent officially over?  Can I go to confession on Good Friday or Holy Saturday?  Are clergy allowed to give out ashes out on the street on Ash Wed.?  If you would like to be an intern at Busted Halo, email Brittany@BustedHalo.com.  Chocolate Fountain!  Church search goes to Honolulu, Hawaii.  3-31-10


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What is the priest praying silently while lying prostrate at the beginning of the Good Friday Liturgy?…and because it's been 3 weeks, more questions:  Why are the readings for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sundays of Lent different?  What's the fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam?  Is it really a mortal sin to miss Mass?  Why do we say, "Lord, I'm not worthy to receive you" and then go receive the Lord?  (Sorry it's been so long!)  Church search in Ocean Beach, CA.  3-26-10


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Busted Halo Cast #232 - Should I be worried about the academic workload of seminary?

Should I be worried about the academic workload of seminary?  With special guest, seminarian Tom Gibbons, CSP.  Church search: Austin, TX.  3/3/10. (some audio problems... sorry!)

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