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It's an intern mutiny!  Fr. Dave is joined by Buzz and Catie fills in for Brittany for a question of faith about whether or not Mary had pain in child birth.  Church search goes to Florida.  07-28-10.

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Fr. Dave and Brittany beat the heat by moving the podcast to a new location.  Two interns stop by to help answer a question of faith.  Church search visits upstate NY.  07-21-10

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Fr. Dave, Brittany Janis, and intern-of-the-week all brave the swampy studio for a podcast about whether or not Catholics share the concept of the "Priesthood of all Believers" with other Christian denominations.  Church search goes all the way up to Alaska.  07-14-10

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What are the new changes to the Mass?  Check out details at usccb.org/romanmissal.  Yet another new inter joins us: NIck!  Brittany mourns the loss of her guinea pig.  :-(    Church Search in Santa Monica, CA.  7-7-10.

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