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#299-Is it correct to say that we Christians "build up the Kingdom of God"? Halloween is coming... and so is our 300th episode!  Church Search goes to Jack's YACs.  10-27-11.

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#298-Aren't Catholic churches supposed to have kneelers and missalettes?  A Martin Sheen interview and a video about Confirmation are on BustedHalo.com this week.  10-20-11.

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How do we evangelize atheists?  Book/Documentary we referred to: "Collision" with Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Douglas Wilson.  Church Search in Newark, DE.  10-12-11.

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What's the Church's view on genetic modification?  Also, a homily from Fr. Dave about thinking bigger in our prayer (RIP, Steve Jobs).  Barbara lets us know what's coming up on BH.com.  10-06-11.

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Do I need an annulment if I was married by a justice of the peace?  Barbara recaps the Catholic Volunteer Network Awards.  9-29-11.

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