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When does the Christmas season end?  (Question begins at 6:55) For more details, check out bustedhalo.com/christmasopoly.  Still a few days left to give to our Double Your Dollars Holiday Fund Drive.  12-26-12

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Why is the Annunciation NOT a holy day of obligation? If you like this podcast, please donate to our holiday fund drive at bustedhalo.com/donate. Merry Christmas, everyone!  12-19-12.

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How do Doctors of the Church earn that title? (Question begins at 9:02)  Be patient this Advent with our Advent Calendar BustedHalo.com/advent. 12-12-12.

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What is the tradition behind women covering their heads in church?  recorded LIVE on location at the NCCYM (National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry) in Orlando, FL.  12-6-12.

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How do we evangelize our family members during the holidays?  (Question begins at 14:10)  Check our Advent Calendar to win an iPad Mini this Christmas!  11-26-12.

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What is transubstantiation? What is the church doing to engage teens and younger Catholics? RECORDED IN FRONT OF A LIVE AUDIENCE at St. Paul the Apostle Church, New York City. 11-11-12.

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Why does God only spare certain people from hard situations?  Post-Hurricane Sandy podcast.  Question begins at 16:45.  11-07-12

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Can a person be baptized more than once?  Happy Haloween--tweet your costume photo to @bustedhalo with the hash tag #haloween2012. Question begins @14:45. 10-31-12.

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Why didn't the disciples recognize Jesus after the resurrection? Question begins at 7:24.  10-23-12

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Barbara is back with a new name after getting married! Also: follow-up question about marriage dispensations. Question begins at 12:56. 10-17-12.

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No Barbara or Fr. Steve, but 2 new interns: Bernadette and Rachel!  Question begins at 7:38.  09-26-12.

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What's the difference between a valid marriage and a sacramental marriage?  Barbara's last podcast as a single woman (she gets married this weekend).  Question begins at 9:52.  09-19-12.

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How do I know God's purpose for life?  Summer's almost over!  Question begins at 11:10.  08-30-12.

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Can a priest choose to not forgive a sin during confession?  Fr. Steve Bell, CSP, joins the podcast!  Question begins at 11:00.  08-23-12.

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Is it okay to use my iPad at Mass?  Alex the intern's last podcast.  Next week: the premiere of Fr. Steve Bell on the Busted Halo Cast!  (Question begins at 8:30).  08-16-12.

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How do I read the Bible when it seems so outdated and uninteresting?  INTERN-ONLY podcast- the sequel!  Alex, Amy, & Vicky in their last podcast of the summer.  Question begins at 6:30.  08-09-12.

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Do I have to observe the one-hour fast before receivng the Eucharist? How old is God and Jesus? A listener requests another intern-only podcast.  Tune in next week! Question begins at 10:45. 08-02-12.

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Is it still a sin to read 50 Shades of Grey? We respond to your comments on our last podcast about the popular (and racey) book.  Intern Alex joins us.  Check out Busted Halo's Spiritual Olympics that coincide with the Summer Games.  (7-27-12)

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Is it a sin to read 50 Shades of Grey?  Fr. Dave & Barbara are back and intern Vicky joins the fun.  (Question begins at 10:30)  Check out Busted Halo's Spiritual Olympics starting soon! 07-17-12.

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How do we instill a strong sense of faith in our children? Special Edition: Interns Only! July 5, 2012. Question starts at 8:00 minutes. 

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Has Revelations already happened or is it the future?  Vince's farewell podcast--he got a job!  Submit questions to BH Summer School contest and win a Kindle. (Question begins @10:01). 06-27-12

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Why did God make the Ten Commandments?  (a 12-year old reader asks)  Question begins at 8:25. Alex the intern advocates for an intern-only podcast sometime this summer! 06-14-12.

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How do you perform an act of contrition? New summer intern Amy joins the Cast.  Church search goes to Portland, OR.  (question begins at 10:40)  6-07-12

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What is meant by the 'Unforgiveable Sin' or 'blaspheming the Holy Spirit'?  New intern Vicki joins us again.  Check out Busted Halo's Summer School. (Question starts at 7:30)  05-30-12.

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What does 'Give us this day our daily bread' mean?  Intern Vicki joins the podcast.  Question starts at 6:45.

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What percentage of the Bible do we read at Mass?  NEW intern Alex joins the 'Cast.  Church search goes to CT.  Question begins @9:38.  05-16-12.

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Why are some age groups excluded from church activities?  Vince graduates from Fordham University.  Question begins @9:12.  05-11-12.

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#316-What are Protestant churches sometimes named after saints?  (Question starts at 13:45)  Intern of the week:  Vince!  Let's go to Venice, FLA., for our church search. 04-27-12.

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What to do about bad homilies at Mass?  (The answer begins at 8:58)  New intern Bridget joins the BH Cast.  Church Search in North Carolina. 04-18-12. 

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What's the difference between the Nicean Creed and the Apostles' Creed?  What to do when a lector reads the wrong reading?!  We're in the Octave of Easter.  04-10-12.

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#313-Why does Jesus seem grumpy in the Gospels?  Bonus question: what kind of tree was used to make Jesus' cross?  Check out Virtual Stations of the Cross on BustedHalo.com.  03-30-12.

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#312-Why should I receive the Precious Blood from the cup?  Plus, bonus questions: when is the statue of St. Peter inside St. Peter's Basilica in Rome decorated with Cape & tiarra?  Has a pope ever resigned. Read: "The Pope Who Quit."  3-19-12

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#311-Are Catholics Christians? What does ‘consubstantial’ mean?  Recorded live on location at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in North Hollywood, CA.  03-04-12.

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#310-What's the difference between a Cardinal and a Bishop?  Enter our 4th annual "Show Us Your Ash" challenge at bustedhalo.com. Blessings for Lent 2012! 2-21-12.

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What version of the Bible should a Catholic family have at home?  Also, a follow-up about the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.  2-10-12.

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#308-Did Newt Gingrich have to get two annulments before becoming Catholic?  Check out 3 new blogs coming to BustedHalo.com.  Vince prefers Mass in the evening.  01-27-12.

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#307-If I am receiving a conditional baptism, do I need to go to confession before receiving eucharist for the first time?  Barbara & Vince join Fr. Dave.  01-20-12.

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What's the most powerful way to pray?  Is it a sin to attend other church services?  Happy New Year from the BH Cast!  Vince the intern returns for another semester.  01-10-12.

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