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When does the Christmas season end?  (Question begins at 6:55) For more details, check out bustedhalo.com/christmasopoly.  Still a few days left to give to our Double Your Dollars Holiday Fund Drive.  12-26-12

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Why is the Annunciation NOT a holy day of obligation? If you like this podcast, please donate to our holiday fund drive at bustedhalo.com/donate. Merry Christmas, everyone!  12-19-12.

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How do Doctors of the Church earn that title? (Question begins at 9:02)  Be patient this Advent with our Advent Calendar BustedHalo.com/advent. 12-12-12.

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What is the tradition behind women covering their heads in church?  recorded LIVE on location at the NCCYM (National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry) in Orlando, FL.  12-6-12.

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