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As you may know, World Youth Day is happening!  On this week's Busted Halo Cast, Fr. Dave answers a vocation question in Rio! Question begins at 5:15.  Check out this video of Fr. Dave's answer from World Youth Day where he addressed English-speaking pilgrims on vocations at the US National Gathering. Fr. Dave begins speaking at the 1:10:00 mark.  And, don't forget to follow our ongoing coverage of World Youth Day on our Rio 2013 blog!  There are photos, videos, Pope Francis sightings, and more!

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Can you explain indulgences in an easy-to-understand way?  Question begins at 9:15.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke.  'Church Search' visit Chicago, IL.

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Where is Jesus' age mentioned in the Scripture? Question at 9:55. 'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke. 'Church Search' visits Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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Can I come back to the Church after 10 years?  Question begins 9:42.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke. 'Church Search' visits Boston, MA.

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