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Just in time for Christmas, some prep for confession if you haven't been to church in a while.

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This week's podcast answers questions about Mary.

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Timing is everything -- especially getting to Mass on time. The team discusses arriving late.


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6:05 -- Question

22:36 -- Coming Attractions

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, the team discusses family and forgiveness.


0:00 -- Intro

5:25 -- Question

21:58 -- Coming Attractions

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This week, we talk about what Heaven will be like -- What age do we appear in Heaven and will we recognize other people?

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6:02 -- Question

20:03 -- Coming Attractions

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On this week's podcast, we talk about baptism -- What happens when you're baptized and if you ever need to be rebaptized.


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5:15 -- Question

23:11 -- Coming Attractions


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We answer a timely question for the celebration of the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls and Dia de Los Muertos.

0:00 – Intro

13:10 -- Question

25:50 -- Coming Attractions

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What will heaven be like? Will we be married? This week's podcast has the answer about what comes after "death do us part."

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7:52 -- Question

18:31 -- Coming Attractions

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On this week's podcast: questions about bishops and cardinals and a discussion of the Synod of Bishops.

0:00 – Intro

10:00 -- Question

26:56 -- Coming Attractions

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Asked to be a godparent? We review the requirements.


0:00 – Intro

6:37 -- Question

20:32 -- Coming Attractions

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 #421 Why are there differences in the gospel accounts of the Resurrection story?

We dive into the meanings of the gospel writers' accounts of Jesus' Resurrection.


0:00 – Intro

7:10 -- Question

26:56 -- Coming Attractions

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We have suggestions for how to respond when someone makes fun of your faith.

0:00 – Intro

7:18 -- Question

22:14 -- Coming Attractions


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Moses, Elijah, Jesus…all fond of mountaintop experiences! We explain why.

0:00 – Intro

9:12 -- Question

23:38 -- Coming Attractions


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How can we justify praying to saints as if they have specific magical powers?
Find out what the Church says about superstition.


0:00 -- Intro
5:43 -- Question
23:34 -- Coming Attractions
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Learn more about the timing of the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.

0:00 Intro

10:28 — Question

29:00 — Coming Attractions


31:06 — Church Search: Listener Picks

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Listeners, this is Fr. Steve's last podcast! We answer a question about the Bible’s many versions.  

0:00 Intro

14:25 — Question

30:45 — Coming Attractions


33:48 — Church Search: Listener Picks

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Want to show how your faith impacts your life while at work but just don't know how? The Busted Halo Cast has some tips.

0:00 Intro

6:21 — Question


15:15— Coming Attractions

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Considering a call to religious life and also struggling with paying back student loans? The Busted Halo Cast has some advice.

0:00 — Intro

6:46 — Question


24:27 — Coming Attractions

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Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions of faith? Want to get out of a rut? The Busted Halo Cast has some insight.

0:00 — Intro

10:00 — Question


23:15 — Coming Attractions

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Wait — There are more books in the Catholic Bible? We'll tell you why on this episode of the Busted Halo Cast.

0:00 — Intro

7:52 — Question


25:39 — Coming Attractions

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Do you ever wonder what the priest is doing with the water, wine, and the chalice? We talk about the rituals of Mass.


0:00 — Intro

5:45 — Question


20:00 — Coming Attractions

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Struggling with what you believe? Does something feel "off" at church? The Busted Halo Cast talks about exploring your faith.


0:00 — Intro

7:45 — Question


23:20 — Coming Attractions

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This week’s podcast covers a serious topic – funerals in cases of suicide.


0:00 — Intro

7:23 — Question


19:29 — Coming Attractions

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On this week’s podcast – a conversation about prayer postures during Mass.

0:00 — Intro

7:56 — Question


19:44 — Coming Attractions 

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With things getting warmer outside, the Busted Halo Cast answers a question about when things start getting heated up on the inside!

0:00 — Intro

5:10 — Question


22:52 — Coming Attractions

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A little water, a little Father-Son-and-Holy Spirit -- and you have a baptism! On this episode we talk about the Sacrament of Baptism.

0:00 — Intro

5:20 — Question

21:55 — Coming Attractions


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Altar call anyone? On this week’s episode we answer a question about publicly being asked to repent and declare your faith.

0:00 — Intro

6:36 — Question


19:30 — Coming Attractions

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#404 -- Is it okay to ask the priest questions during confession?

Sin or no sin? On this week’s episode we answer a question about asking questions during the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

0:00 — Intro

6:00 — Question


17:25 — Coming Attractions

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What to do about people who leave Mass early?

Should I stay or should I go? This Busted Halo Cast covers the topic of leaving Mass early.

0:00 — Intro

5:12 — Question


23:50 — Coming Attractions

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This episode of the Busted Halo Cast answers a question about interfaith marriage in the Catholic Church.


0:00 — Intro

6:50 — Question

19:53 — Coming Attractions

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The date of Easter changes every year. Why? We have the answer -- plus this week’s scripture readings as the Season of Easter continues. 


0:00 — Intro

5:21 — Question


15:23 — Coming Attractions

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Happy 400th Busted Halo Cast! Things have changed a bit through the years – as you can see in the photo to the right. For this very special episode, we have an “on location” report from Fr. Dave to help us answer a caller’s question of faith. Here at the Busted Halo Cast, we go to great lengths to get your questions answered! Coming Attractions -- We’re on the road to Emmaus with Jesus and the disciples, sharing hospitality and breaking bread with one another. Church Search from the most famous Catholic church in the world -- St. Peter’s Basilica. Save your frequent flyer miles for a visit.


Don’t miss this special edition of the Busted Halo Cast -- and thank you for listening!


0:00 — Intro

5:21 — Question


15:23 — Coming Attractions

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Podcast #399 – Why Do Catholics Pray To Mary and the Saints?


The Busted Halo Team answers a question about prayer and the tradition of Mary and the Saints as they relate to our prayer lives. 


0:00 — Intro

7:48 — Question

28:13 — Coming Attractions

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It’s Extreme Home Makeover: Church Edition! The Busted Halo team answers a question about side altars and their purpose in today’s churches. Coming Attractions from Matthew -- It's Palm Sunday! 

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"Is there a rhyme or reason for choosing a saint name?"  Question begins at 5:00.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Ezekiel.  'Church Search' visits Philadelphia, PA.

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Do Lutherans cross themselves and genuflect like Catholics do?  Question begins at 9:12.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Ephesians 5.  'Church Search' visits Muncie, Indiana.

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How can I be less negative during Lent?  Fr. Dave & Barbara are on location from the Anaheim Convention Center and the 2014 L.A. Religious Ed Congress.  3-17-14.

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"Is it a sin to kneel DURING the 'Holy, Holy' and 'Lamb of God' as opposed to afterward?" Question begins at 9:45.  'Coming Attractions' reads the Transfiguration from Matthew 17.  'Church Search' visits Las Vegas, Nevada.

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LENT 2014!  "Did I fulfill my Sunday Mass obligation when I attended a Russian Orthodox service?  Question time is 11:55.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Matthew 4.  'Church Search' visits Portland, Maine.

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'What do the letters after a priests name mean?' Question begins 6:55. 'Coming Attractions' reads from Matthew 6.  'Church Search' visits Knoxville, TN.

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"Do cremated remains have to be buried in a Catholic cemetery?" Question begins 7:40.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Matthew 5.  'Church Search' visits Windsor, Canada.

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Why is a non-Catholic marriage require an annulment in the Catholic Church? Question begins at 7:30.  'Coming Attractions' reads from 1st Corinthians.  'Church Search' visits Tacoma, Washington.

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"Can I baptize myself?" Question begins at 6:30.  'Coming Attractions' reads from the Gospel of Matthew.  'Church Search' visits Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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"How can we have faith in the Bible with all its exaggerations?" Question is at 10:20. 'Coming Attractions' reads from the Gospel of Matthew.  'Church Search' visits Honolulu, HI.

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How did the Gospel writers come to know the stories they wrote in the Gospels?" Question begins at 8:09. 'Coming Attractions' reads from the Gospel of John. 'Church Search' 

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"How can I talk with my friend about my faith without it becoming conflictual?"  Question begins at 7:56. 'Coming Attractions' reads from the prophet, Isaiah.  'Church Search' visits Miami, FL. 

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