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"Is there a rhyme or reason for choosing a saint name?"  Question begins at 5:00.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Ezekiel.  'Church Search' visits Philadelphia, PA.

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Do Lutherans cross themselves and genuflect like Catholics do?  Question begins at 9:12.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Ephesians 5.  'Church Search' visits Muncie, Indiana.

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How can I be less negative during Lent?  Fr. Dave & Barbara are on location from the Anaheim Convention Center and the 2014 L.A. Religious Ed Congress.  3-17-14.

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"Is it a sin to kneel DURING the 'Holy, Holy' and 'Lamb of God' as opposed to afterward?" Question begins at 9:45.  'Coming Attractions' reads the Transfiguration from Matthew 17.  'Church Search' visits Las Vegas, Nevada.

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LENT 2014!  "Did I fulfill my Sunday Mass obligation when I attended a Russian Orthodox service?  Question time is 11:55.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Matthew 4.  'Church Search' visits Portland, Maine.

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