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Why have two versions of the same story? The team explains.


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What do these words mean? Did Jesus rise from the dead before? We clarify on this edition of the Busted Halo Cast. 


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22:07 Church Search

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We answer a question about religious vocation and permanent commitment.

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26:08 Church Search: Listener Picks

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Just in time for Christmas, some prep for confession if you haven't been to church in a while.

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28:11 Church Search: Listener Picks

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This week's podcast answers questions about Mary.

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21:55 Church Search: Listener Picks

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How can we justify praying to saints as if they have specific magical powers?
Find out what the Church says about superstition.


0:00 -- Intro
5:43 -- Question
23:34 -- Coming Attractions
26:56 -- Church Search: Listener Picks

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Learn more about the timing of the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.

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10:28 — Question

29:00 — Coming Attractions


31:06 — Church Search: Listener Picks

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Listeners, this is Fr. Steve's last podcast! We answer a question about the Bible’s many versions.  

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14:25 — Question

30:45 — Coming Attractions


33:48 — Church Search: Listener Picks

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"Can I baptize myself?" Question begins at 6:30.  'Coming Attractions' reads from the Gospel of Matthew.  'Church Search' visits Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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"How can I talk with my friend about my faith without it becoming conflictual?"  Question begins at 7:56. 'Coming Attractions' reads from the prophet, Isaiah.  'Church Search' visits Miami, FL. 

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Did God change the vocation of people who leave religious life?  Question time is 9:18.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Isaiah.  'Church Search' visits Dallas, TX.

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"Did Jesus Suffer While He Was in Hell?" Question begins at 8:00. 'Coming Attractions' reads from Psalms.  'Church Search' visits Indianapolis, IN.

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"Can I make up for a missed Holy Day of Obligation?" Question begins at 8:50.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke's Gospel.  'Church Search' visits Albuquerque, NM.

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Why Does Our Priest Consume Extra Hosts After Communion? Question is at 13:30. 'Coming Attractions' reads from II Timothy. 'Church Search' visits Chico, CA.

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"Do All Priests Take a Vow of Poverty?"  Question begins at 8:20.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke. 'Church Search' visits Lawrence, Kansas.

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"Do Saints Have to Be Catholic?"  Question begins at 6:40.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke's Gospel.  'Church Search' visits Rapid City, SD.

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Is it okay for men to wear earrings while serving at Mass?  Fr. Steve is on retreat...  Question begins at 7:23. 08-15-13.

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What does tithing mean to you? Question begins at 6:55. 'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke. 'Church Search' visits Arlington, VA.

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What are your favorite World Youth Day memories?  Recorded in front of a live audience at Vivo Rio at World Youth Day in Brazil.  Special guests Lino Rulli and Brett Siddell assist in answering the question. 08-02-13.

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Can I come back to the Church after 10 years?  Question begins 9:42.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke. 'Church Search' visits Boston, MA.

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Why does the priest put a piece of the host in the cup?  Question begins at 7:30.  Coming Attractions reads from Romans.  Church Search visits West Virginia.

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How can we believe in something we cannot prove? Question begins at 10:07.  Check out our Pentecost in 2 Mins. video on bustedhalo.com. 05-16-13.

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Why do we choose a Saint's name for Confirmation?  Question begins at 6:00.  Church Search: Knoxville, TN

Coming Attractions: Ascension of the Lord

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Is doubt a bad thing? Fr. Dave, Fr. Steve and Barbara discuss this question along with Fr. Steve's recent trip to Austin, TX. And...mac & cheese?!?! Church search: Newark, Delaware

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The Busted Halo Cast Crew celebrates the election of Pope Francis in this Special Edition of the Busted Halo Cast.  Coming Attractions reads from Ezekiel and Church Search visits Fresno, CA.

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What do we call the pope after he resigns? Plus: many other questions about Benedict XVI's resignation.  It's LENT! Go to our Fast-Pray-Give calendar at www.bustedhalo.com/lent    2-12-13.

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Was Robin Hood sinning when he would rob from the rich to give to the poor? The question begins at the 7:08 mark. "Coming Attractions" takes a reading from the Gospel of Luke.

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Fr. Dave, Barbara, and Fr. Steve answer a question about choosing Natural Family Planning in concert with adoption.  Question begins at 8:08. "Coming Attractions" features a reading of the Wedding Feast in Cana.  "Church Search" looks at a Basilica in the

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How late can you arrive at Mass in order to receive Communion? (Question begins at 3:52)  It's still Christmas, don't lose the spirit just yet! bustedhalo.com/christmasopoly 04-04-13

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Why is the Annunciation NOT a holy day of obligation? If you like this podcast, please donate to our holiday fund drive at bustedhalo.com/donate. Merry Christmas, everyone!  12-19-12.

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How do Doctors of the Church earn that title? (Question begins at 9:02)  Be patient this Advent with our Advent Calendar BustedHalo.com/advent. 12-12-12.

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What is the tradition behind women covering their heads in church?  recorded LIVE on location at the NCCYM (National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry) in Orlando, FL.  12-6-12.

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Why didn't the disciples recognize Jesus after the resurrection? Question begins at 7:24.  10-23-12

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Can a priest choose to not forgive a sin during confession?  Fr. Steve Bell, CSP, joins the podcast!  Question begins at 11:00.  08-23-12.

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Why are some age groups excluded from church activities?  Vince graduates from Fordham University.  Question begins @9:12.  05-11-12.

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What to do about bad homilies at Mass?  (The answer begins at 8:58)  New intern Bridget joins the BH Cast.  Church Search in North Carolina. 04-18-12. 

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What's the difference between the Nicean Creed and the Apostles' Creed?  What to do when a lector reads the wrong reading?!  We're in the Octave of Easter.  04-10-12.

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#313-Why does Jesus seem grumpy in the Gospels?  Bonus question: what kind of tree was used to make Jesus' cross?  Check out Virtual Stations of the Cross on BustedHalo.com.  03-30-12.

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What version of the Bible should a Catholic family have at home?  Also, a follow-up about the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.  2-10-12.

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What's the most powerful way to pray?  Is it a sin to attend other church services?  Happy New Year from the BH Cast!  Vince the intern returns for another semester.  01-10-12.

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How do Churches get named after titles of Mary?  Merry Christmas!  Don't forget to "Double Your Dollars" in our Holiday Fund Drive (bustedhalo.com/donate).  12-22-11.

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Can I get married in the Church if my husband doesn't believe?  Sacraments 101: Matrimony on bustedhalo.com.  Barbara's preparing for her own wedding.  11-17-11.

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How do we best evangelize our family and friends?  In celebration of our 300th episode, Mike Hayes, co-founder of Busted Halo, is our guest.  Vince, the new intern, has facts about 300.  11-3-11.

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How do we evangelize atheists?  Book/Documentary we referred to: "Collision" with Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Douglas Wilson.  Church Search in Newark, DE.  10-12-11.

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What's the Church's view on genetic modification?  Also, a homily from Fr. Dave about thinking bigger in our prayer (RIP, Steve Jobs).  Barbara lets us know what's coming up on BH.com.  10-06-11.

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Do I need an annulment if I was married by a justice of the peace?  Barbara recaps the Catholic Volunteer Network Awards.  9-29-11.

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What is an Oratory?  BH.com new Editor-in-Chief joins Fr. Dave for the 'Cast.  Church search in St. Louis, MO.  09-15-11.

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Is it okay to read the Bible in the bathroom?  Allison the intern is co-host again.  Church Search goes to Rhode Island.  07-06-11.

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 Is there a maximum number of altar servers allowed at Mass? Our first podcast without Brittany!  Allison the intern steps in.  6-30-11

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Is it necessary to remove the Eucharist from the tabernacle if our church will be used for a secular event?  Brittany's LAST PODCAST ... sad.  We bid her farewell and blessings.  06-22-11.

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How do I explain a Catholic view of salvation to a Lutheran?  Allison the intern joins the podcast.  Church Search in San Francisco so Brittany can find a new church.  6-14-11.

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Can angels be considered saints?  Brittany announces she's moving to San Fran., CA and leaving Busted Halo... call and wish her well!  06-09-11.

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Is the world going to end on May 21?  Brittany and Fr. Dave don't sound too scared...  But just in case: go to confession!  05-20-11.

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Why is the headquarters of the Catholic Church in Rome?  Recorded live on location in St. Peter's Square in Rome!  5-2-11.

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What is the Catholic stance on tattoos and piercings?  We're in the Easter Octave!  Come to our LIVE event in New York City on May 11, 2011.  See bustedhalo.com.  4-27-11.

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Where can I find good Catholic prayers for the Dead?  When does Lent actually end?  Brittany is out this week, but both interns step up to the plate!  Please give to our 10-in-10s Fund Drive... just $10!  04-13-11. 

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Is it easier for people to become saints these days?  Recorded LIVE on locaiton at St. Paul the Apostle Chruch, Westwood, CA, in front of an audience with questions of faith.  Special guest: Brett Siddel forom the Busted Halo Show on SiriusXM.

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What's with the Catholic practice of venerating relics of the saints?  Brittany is out sick; Mel the intern fills in.  Special on-location question of faith recorded before a live audience in L.A. with guest co-host Brett Siddell. 3-30-11

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What are the origins of abstaining from meat on the Fridays of Lent?  Stephanie the intern joins us; Brittany has new galsses.  Check out the Fast-Pray-Give Calendar on BustedHalo.com.  3-25-11.


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How long should I keep the ashes on my head from Ash Wednesday?  Don't forget to enter our contest to win an iPad @ BustedHalo.com.  3-09-11.

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Were side altars ever used for anything?  Fr. Dave & Brittany announce what they're giving up for Lent.  Check out our Lenten FAST-PRAY-GIVE Caelendar on BustedHalo.com, enter to win an iPad 2!  3-03-11.

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Which Catholic rite should I choose?  Brittany goes skiing (kinda).  Fr. Dave keeps getting the names of the interns wrong!  Church Search in New Hampshire.  2-25-11.

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Should a Catholic college student attend a non-denominational retreat?  NEW intern Mel (Fr. Dave just learned her name).  Church Search goes to St. Louis.  2-11-11.

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Is it okay for Catholics to look at their horoscope?  "Funnest Intern" Kevin says farewell.  Church Search goes to Ann Arbor, MI.  1-26-11.

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Is a divorced/remarried person welcome in the church?  Is their soul "lost"?  Thank you for helping us surpass our goal on the 'Double your Dollars Holiday Fund Drive'!  No intern again this week.  :-(    Church Search in Dallas, TX.  1-13-11.

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How can we make sense of the Trinity?  (oh boy!)  No intern this week because it's still Christmas Break.  Church Search in No. Carolina.  12-29-10.

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Is it okay to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Jesus at Christmas Mass?  It's the Christmas Party podcast episode!  Party with Busted Halo!  12-22-10.

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What is Apostolic Succession? Do we really have accurate records going back to the apostles?  Stephanie is the intern du jour.  Please give to our Holiday Fund Drive at BustedHalo.com.  12-15-10.

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How do you listen to God?  Please give to our Double Your Dollars Holiday Fund Drive @ www.bustedhalo.com.  Church Search for the Immaculate Conception.  12-8-10.

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Do more people go to confession face-to-face or behind the screen?  It's time for our annual "Double Your Dollars" Holiday Fund Drive.  Please go to BustedHalo.com to support this podcast!  12-1-10.

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Should I be afraid of the upcoming changes to the Mass?  On location: Horseshoe Bay, TX.  Special guest: Fr. Steven Bell, CSP.  Church Search (live theme song): Austin, TX.  11-17-10.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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What does the term "apostasy" mean? Tara Devine is the intern du jour.  NYC Marathon recap. Church search in Ashville, NC.  11-10-10.

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What are the different kinds (levels?) of sins?  Stephanie the intern joins us.  Church Search goes to Wash., DC.  11-03-10.

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What (papal declared) year is it?  Intern du jour: Stephanie.  Stories about Nebraska (and church search there).  Happy Halloween.  10-27-10

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Who gets to decide what time Mass is allowed to start on Sat. evening?  Fr. Dave's birthday!  Whoops... last week, a technical problem.  Church search in Wisconsin.  09-30-10.

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Where can I find a "spiritual advisor"?  Stephanie is the intern du jour.  Fr. Dave just back form Memphis.  Church Search goes to Alabama.  9-22-10.

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Was Martin Luther inspired by God to reform the Church?  Catie the intern's last podcast.  Church search in Knoxville, TN.  09-16-10.

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Are there some sins so serious that only the bishop can forgive?  NEW intern Stephanie joins the Cast.  Church search in Austin, TX.  9-8-10

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What are the rules regarding contemporary music during Mass?  Fr. Dave is back from vacationing in Norway!  Brittany's mom visited NYC and Tara went on a retreat! Church Search Oklahoma City, OK.  09-01-2010

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Brittany Janis is still out, so intern Tara Devine fills in by joining Fr. Dave and intern Buzz Almon to answer a question of faith about angels.  An unexpected guest surprises the Busted Halo Cast and directs Church Search to visit Buffalo, NY.  08-04-10

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It's an intern mutiny!  Fr. Dave is joined by Buzz and Catie fills in for Brittany for a question of faith about whether or not Mary had pain in child birth.  Church search goes to Florida.  07-28-10.

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Fr. Dave and Brittany beat the heat by moving the podcast to a new location.  Two interns stop by to help answer a question of faith.  Church search visits upstate NY.  07-21-10

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Fr. Dave, Brittany Janis, and intern-of-the-week all brave the swampy studio for a podcast about whether or not Catholics share the concept of the "Priesthood of all Believers" with other Christian denominations.  Church search goes all the way up to Alaska.  07-14-10

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