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This week’s question: Did Jesus have a last Name?

Coming Attractions for the last Sunday of Advent.  

Church Search is in Santa Clara California

Our Lady of Peace Church

2800 Mission College Blvd.

(408) 988-4585


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Live from the NCCYM Conference! Sarah Jarzembowski co-hosts. How to bridge the gap from Youth to Young Adult (20s and 30s) Ministry. Interview with Hiking 4 Jesus- a teen and college ministry from Tennessee. A Church in the ChicagoLand area.
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Are the origins of Thanksgiving Catholic? Coming attractions. Mike Hayes offers Thanksgiving reflections. A church in Bellevue, Washington St Louise 141 156th Avenue (425) 747 4450 http://www.stlouise.org
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A question on Confession. Reflection on Zacchaeus, the Tax Collector from Luke's Gospel. Coming Attractions for Sunday's gospel. Church Search is in Browning, MT
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Question: Is it Ok to show emotion at mass? Mike Hayes reflects on Why do bad things happen to good people? A reflection on Luke 18:1-8 Coming Attractions for this week's gospel. Church Search is in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
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Question: Is the blessed mother (Mary the mother of Jesus) a saint?

Comments on the Presidential Election of Barack Obama.

Coming Attractions for this week's gospel.

Church Search is in Chicago Our Lady of Mt Carmel 690 Belmont Ave http://www.mt-carmel.org

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Question: Are all lay people who work for the church lay ministers? Coming Attractions - This Sunday's Gospel on the Greatest Commandment. Church Search is in New Hampshire: Sainte Marie www.stemarieparish.org
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Question: Isit Ok for my kids to celebrate Halloween and be Catholic? Coming Attractions for this Sunday's gospel. A church in Berkeley.
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Question: Have you fulfilled your Sunday obligation if you go to mass but don't receive communion? Coming Attractions for this Sunday. A church in Woodside, Queens.
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Question: Why has my priest changed some of the words in the Eucharistic Prayer at Mass? Coming Attractions for Sunday Mass. Church Search is in the Bronx.
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