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Do Over! What is (really) the function of a Cardinal Bishop? Fr. Dave eats crow for an incomplete (wrong?) answer to last week's question. Church search: CT. Tell us what you think of the 'cast at Brittany@BustedHalo.com. 1-27-10

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What is the function of a Cardinal Bishop? The church reacts to the tragic earthquake in Haiti. Church search in "the midwest." Email Brittany@BustedHalo.com and tell us what you think of the podcast. 1-20-10.

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What's the difference between a campus ministry and a parish? We're in Orlando, FL, with guests Fr. Larry Rice ("Facts of Faith" podcast) and Jamie Capetta (Church Search for the St. Thomas More Catholic Chapel at Yale University).

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Should I avoid dating if I think God may be calling me to priesthood? It's your last chance to give to our “Double-Your-Dollars Holiday Fund Drive” to keep the Busted Halo Cast coming! (1-6-10)

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