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How can we make sense of the Trinity?  (oh boy!)  No intern this week because it's still Christmas Break.  Church Search in No. Carolina.  12-29-10.

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Is it okay to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Jesus at Christmas Mass?  It's the Christmas Party podcast episode!  Party with Busted Halo!  12-22-10.

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What is Apostolic Succession? Do we really have accurate records going back to the apostles?  Stephanie is the intern du jour.  Please give to our Holiday Fund Drive at BustedHalo.com.  12-15-10.

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How do you listen to God?  Please give to our Double Your Dollars Holiday Fund Drive @ www.bustedhalo.com.  Church Search for the Immaculate Conception.  12-8-10.

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Do more people go to confession face-to-face or behind the screen?  It's time for our annual "Double Your Dollars" Holiday Fund Drive.  Please go to BustedHalo.com to support this podcast!  12-1-10.

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Should I be afraid of the upcoming changes to the Mass?  On location: Horseshoe Bay, TX.  Special guest: Fr. Steven Bell, CSP.  Church Search (live theme song): Austin, TX.  11-17-10.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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What does the term "apostasy" mean? Tara Devine is the intern du jour.  NYC Marathon recap. Church search in Ashville, NC.  11-10-10.

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What are the different kinds (levels?) of sins?  Stephanie the intern joins us.  Church Search goes to Wash., DC.  11-03-10.

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What (papal declared) year is it?  Intern du jour: Stephanie.  Stories about Nebraska (and church search there).  Happy Halloween.  10-27-10

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Does cleaning my rosary affect the pope's blessing on it?  SORRY that we forgot to podcast last week!  Intern du jour: Tara Devine.  Church Search in Maryland.  Come golf with us (www.paulist.org/golf). 10-20-10.

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