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How did the Advent wreath come about and what is the pink candle for? Why do some Christians think Catholics are not Christian? Please give to our “Double-Your-Dollars Holiday Fund Drive” to keep the Busted Halo Cast coming! (12-30-09)

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When was Puragtory first invented? What is the most important way the Church can help alleviate poverty? Special in-studio guests: 18 college students from The Ohio State University ask us questions in person. Please give to our “Double-Your-Dollars Holiday Fund Drive” to keep the Busted Halo Cast coming! (12-17-09)

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What are all those letters that follow a priest's name? Where are goin' for Christmas? Please give to our “Double-Your-Dollars Holiday Fund Drive” to keep the Busted Halo Cast coming!

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What is a subdeacon or Archdeacon. A familiar voice to the ‘Cast calls in from Buffalo, NY. Please give to our “Double-Your-Dollars Holiday Fund Drive” to keep the Busted Halo Cast coming! (12-04-09)

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Busted Halo Cast #220 - Why is the New Testament usage of the term "apostle" so inconsistent? Fr. Dave has a cough, and we're trying the new iTunes "enhanced" podcast format. Hope it works!

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Fr. Dave and Brittany answer a question about germs stopping Peace at Mass, and Brittany shares about her recent experience of being sick. Church Search in Maryland and Coming Attractions!

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"What is a monsignor?" -Fr. Dave and Brittany's first podcast as a duo.

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Question: Is it ok for a Catholic to dress as a priest, nun etc.. for Halloween? Goodbye, Mike

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Question: Are the Magi Saints? Out of the Haze: Fr. Damien, Leper Priest and new saint. Coming Attractions for Sunday's Gospel Church Search is in North Platte, NE

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A question on Determinism. Out of the Hayes talks about being Salt and Light. Coming Attractions for this Sunday's Gospel.

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Question: What should I be wearing at mass? Out of the Haze: Where is your fertile ground? Coming Attractions for Sunday's Gospel Church Search is in Montclair, NJ Newman Catholic Center

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A question on crying babies at mass. Coming attractions for next Sunday's gospel. Out of the Haze: "Let no one have contempt for your youth." Church Search is in Pocatello, Idaho

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Busted Halo Cast #212 -  On Mormons and Baptism

A question on Mormons and Baptism Out of the Haze: The book of Ruth, commitment and loving one's neighbor. Coming Attractions for Sunday's Gospel Church Search is in Winter Park Florida

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Is there significant symbolic meaning in the Crucifix? Check out Openings at http://www.paulist.org/openings Out of the Haze - Do I try to control God? Bargain with God? Take God for granted? Coming Attractions for Sunday's Gospel. Church Search is in Chandler, AZ. Saint Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church 3450 West Ray Road Chandler, AZ 85226 (480) 899-1990 www.standrew-cfc.org

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Question: Can children drink the blood of Christ? Out of the Haze talks about marriage and commitment. Coming Attractions for this Sunday's Gospel Church Search is in Galveston, Tx

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Have you ever laughed in confession? Out of the Haze talks about the protecting us from all anxiety with Facebook? Coming attractions for this week's gospel. Church Search is in Fresno, CA

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A question on love and hate. Summer intern Mike Pappa joins us on the podcast. Out of the Haze features what Bob Hope has to teach us about patience. Coming Attractions for Sunday's readings Church Search goes to: Memphis TN St Peter's Catholic Church

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Question: I heard a priest recently read the Gospel and he gave a running commentary during the gospel reading. What's up with that? Coming Attractions for Sunday's Readings. Out of the Hayes talks about being Martha or Mary and summer vacations. Church Search is in Omaha.

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Question: Can a Catholic do Yoga? Get Fr Tom Ryan’s DVD in the Halo Store Out of the Haze talks about Irish Author Frank McCourt Coming Attractions for Sunday Church Search goes to New Haven, CT

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A question on actual angels and demons. The Busted Halo Cast is joined in studio by Matt McClure from the Brooklyn Diocese's TV station. Check them out on netny.net Coming Attractions for next Sunday's gospel. Church Search goes to Atlanta. See us in studio with Net TV by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9HFEmviNys
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Question: What does being created in the image and likeness of God mean? Out of the Haze: If we only touch the hem of his garment, we will find who we are. Coming Attractions for Sunday's gospel Church Search is in Columbia, SC
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Question on Consummating a marriage. Out of the Haze asks: Does evil go unpunished? Coming Attractions for next Sunday's Gospel And Happy 4th as Church Search hits Washington DC
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Question: Am I right to not attend my son's wedding if he disagrees with the church on certain issues? Out of the Hayes: "Judge not lest ye not be judged" Coming attractions and Church Search: New Hampshire: Pelham St. Patrick's 12 Main Street 603-635-3525 stpatricks-pelham.com
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Question: Finding myself or placing myself in a near occasion of sin -a sin on it’s own? Out of the Haze: Love Your Enemies (and those you love too!) Coming Attractions for Sunday’s Gospel Church Search is in Kansas City Mo: Guardian Angels Parish 1310 Westport Rd (816) 931-4351 http://www.yafc.org yafcinfo@yahoo.com
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It's our BICENTENNIAL PODCAST ... #200! We're outside in Central Park answering your faith questions. Q: Can a decree of nullity (annulment) apply to just one of the spouses or to the marriage as a whole? Out of the Haze talks about being poor in spirit. Coming Attractions for Sunday and Church Search goes to Holy Trinity Church, New York City. And the winners of our guess the mystery voice contest.
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Question: Is just going through the motions in prayer sinful? Play our mystery voice game in honor of our upcoming bicentennial episode. Call your guess into 917 591 8476 Out of the Hayes reminds us "When ya gotta, go...you gotta go." Coming Attractions for Sunday's Gospel Church Search is in Henderson, Nevada
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A question on Using Media for Ministry. Our mystery voice contest for our bicentennial episode. Out of the Haze: What happens after the Ascension? Coming Attractions for the Ascension Church Search is in Centerville, OH
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Why do we bless graves when we believe in resurrection? Out of the haze talks about having faith in the resurrection and about a husband's commitment to his wife for nearly 60 years. Church Search is in Lawrence, KS St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center 1631 Crescent Rd (785) 843 0357 http://www.st-lawrence.org/
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Our Weekly Question: On Episcopalians receiving communion. Out of the Haze: A speech to Notre Dame's Class of 2009. Coming Attractions for next Sunday. Church Search is in Atlanta, GA
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What is Canon Law? David Dawson of the Everyday Catholic Podcast joins us with a canon lawyer, Fr Paul Counce from the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Out of the haze asks: Are miracles magic tricks? Coming Attractions for this Sunday's readings and Church Search is in Washington, DC
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Question: What is speaking in tongues? The new York Times adds to our answer: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/07/health/07brain.html Out of the Hayes: The Women at the Tomb Coming Attractions for Divine Mercy Sunday Church Search is in Milwaukee
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How can we pass our faith along to our children? Refernece: http://www.uscatholic.org/life/2009/03/parental-guidance-suggested Out of the haze: Speaks about Embracing the wood of the cross. Coming Attractions for this week's Gospel. Church Search is in Meridan Idaho daho: Meridian Holy Apostles 6300 N. Meridian Rd. Meridian, ID (208) 888 1182 http://www.holyapostlesmeridian.net/
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What is the Anointing of the Sick? Out of the Haze talks about The Fool in Scripture Coming Attactions for Palm Sunday Church Search is in Baton Rouge, LA St John the Evangelist parish.
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Recorded on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway coming from a retreat at Xaverian High School.

Where can I find friends I'm proud of outside of church?

Coming Attractions for this Sunday's Gospel.

A Church in Lynbrook, Long Island (NY)
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QUESTION: Is breaking my lenten fast a sin? Out of the haze discusses St Patrick and Celtic Spirituality. A great link on Celtic pilgrimage is here: http://www.americancatholic.org/Messenger/Mar2001/feature1.asp Coming Attractions for Sunday's Gospel. Church Search: New Mexico: Albuquerque Our Lady of the Annunciation 2621 Vermont NE 87110 (505)293-6760
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Question: Are Video Games Sinful? The studio falls apart! Coming Attractions for this Sunday's Gospel Church Search is in Memphis, TN St Peter Catholic Church 190 Adams Ave (901) 527 8282 http://www.stpeterchurch.org
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If jesus was jewish how was he Catholic? Out of the Haze speaks about the Our Father Coming Attractions for this Sunday's Gospel Church Search is in Fairfield, CA
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A question on praying together as a married couple. Out of the Hayes explores Ash Wednesday Coming attractions for this Sunday's gospel Church Search is in Richmond, Virginia
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Question on fasting during lent. Out of the Haze: Am I my brother's keeper? Coming Attractions for Sunday's gospel Church Search is in Dallas.
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Why do priests not marry and what's the highest "position of power" a woman can hold in the Catholic Church? Out of the Hayes discusses creation on Mike's birthday. Coming Attractions for this Sunday's Gospel Church Search is in Salem Oregon.
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Is addiction a sin? Out of the Hayes on prophets in their own land. Coming Attractions for this Sunday's gospel. Church Search is in Bedford, TX
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A question on Con-vilidation and communion. Out of the Haze focuses on Pope Benedict's attempt at reconciliation this week. Coming attractions from Sunday's gospel Church Search is in Akron, OH
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Has the church changed it's position on purgatory? Coming Attractions for the Conversion of St Paul Church Search is in Winter park Florida
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A question on the seasons of the church Out of the Haze talks about the healing of sprits. Coming Attractions for the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Church Search is in Philly
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A question on Sinful Priests

Out of the Haze

Coming Attractions
Church Search is in Mt Plesant Michigan
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Question on going to a non-Catholic Christmas service. Out of the Haze reflects on the Christmas season. Coming Attractions for Epiphany. An interview with Frances Farrell of the Seattle Archdiocese. Church Search is in the Twin cities.
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