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Why do some hold hands during the Lord's Prayer? Question is at 5:35.  Coming Attraction reads from Romans.  Church Search visits Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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Why does the priest put a piece of the host in the cup?  Question begins at 7:30.  Coming Attractions reads from Romans.  Church Search visits West Virginia.

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How can we believe in something we cannot prove? Question begins at 10:07.  Check out our Pentecost in 2 Mins. video on bustedhalo.com. 05-16-13.

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Why do we choose a Saint's name for Confirmation?  Question begins at 6:00.  Church Search: Knoxville, TN

Coming Attractions: Ascension of the Lord

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Is doubt a bad thing? Fr. Dave, Fr. Steve and Barbara discuss this question along with Fr. Steve's recent trip to Austin, TX. And...mac & cheese?!?! Church search: Newark, Delaware

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