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What (papal declared) year is it?  Intern du jour: Stephanie.  Stories about Nebraska (and church search there).  Happy Halloween.  10-27-10

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Does cleaning my rosary affect the pope's blessing on it?  SORRY that we forgot to podcast last week!  Intern du jour: Tara Devine.  Church Search in Maryland.  Come golf with us (www.paulist.org/golf). 10-20-10.

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Can a Mass intention be for a non-Catholic?  Did Jesus use the term "church"?  New intern Kevin joins the Cast.  Church search in Boston, Mass.  10-07-10.

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Who gets to decide what time Mass is allowed to start on Sat. evening?  Fr. Dave's birthday!  Whoops... last week, a technical problem.  Church search in Wisconsin.  09-30-10.

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