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Fr. Dave answers a question from a "Deacon to be" about a local parish encouraging those going through confirmation to not choose a new confirmation name.  Church search visits the city of Brotherly Love.  6-30-10
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A "getting over a cold" Fr. Dave answers a question of faith about the church's teaching of what happens to non-Catholics in the afterlife.  Church search visits Austin, Texas.  06-23-10
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#245 - Lord's Name in Vain & Defacing a Bible

Fr. Dave and Brittany are joined by a new intern!  Tara drops by the studio to help with a two question special edition of the Busted Halo Cast.  The first is about what counts as "taking the Lord's name in vain" and the second about defacing a bible.  Church search visits Kansas City, MO.  6-16-10

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#244 - Is My Marriage 'Valid'?

Brittany finally returns to do a podcast with Fr. Dave and Buzz the Intern.  A question about marriages outside of the Catholic church.  Church search visits Kentucky (one of the many places Brittany visited during her vacation).  06-09-10

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#243 - How Sick Does One Need to be for The Anointing of the Sick?

Fr. Dave and Buzz the Intern settle a caller's bet about the Annointing of the Sick.  Is it only for the physically ill?  Or can it be done for mental and/or spiritual sickness as well?  Church search visits Ohio.  6-2-10

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