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Today's question asks what the Catechism means when it says that Jesus came to make men gods (question starts at 7:00).  'Coming Attractions' features a reading from the Gospel of Luke.  'Church Search' visits Tucson, AZ.

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Is the Holy Spirit Jesus' brother? Also, What are the Knights of the Altar?  Lent is coming up soon--what are you choosing to do for Lent? 01-23-12.

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Fr. Dave, Barbara, and Fr. Steve answer a question about choosing Natural Family Planning in concert with adoption.  Question begins at 8:08. "Coming Attractions" features a reading of the Wedding Feast in Cana.  "Church Search" looks at a Basilica in the

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How late can you arrive at Mass in order to receive Communion? (Question begins at 3:52)  It's still Christmas, don't lose the spirit just yet! bustedhalo.com/christmasopoly 04-04-13

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