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How do I know God's purpose for life?  Summer's almost over!  Question begins at 11:10.  08-30-12.

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Can a priest choose to not forgive a sin during confession?  Fr. Steve Bell, CSP, joins the podcast!  Question begins at 11:00.  08-23-12.

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Is it okay to use my iPad at Mass?  Alex the intern's last podcast.  Next week: the premiere of Fr. Steve Bell on the Busted Halo Cast!  (Question begins at 8:30).  08-16-12.

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How do I read the Bible when it seems so outdated and uninteresting?  INTERN-ONLY podcast- the sequel!  Alex, Amy, & Vicky in their last podcast of the summer.  Question begins at 6:30.  08-09-12.

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Do I have to observe the one-hour fast before receivng the Eucharist? How old is God and Jesus? A listener requests another intern-only podcast.  Tune in next week! Question begins at 10:45. 08-02-12.

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