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Question on Consummating a marriage. Out of the Haze asks: Does evil go unpunished? Coming Attractions for next Sunday's Gospel And Happy 4th as Church Search hits Washington DC
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Question: Am I right to not attend my son's wedding if he disagrees with the church on certain issues? Out of the Hayes: "Judge not lest ye not be judged" Coming attractions and Church Search: New Hampshire: Pelham St. Patrick's 12 Main Street 603-635-3525 stpatricks-pelham.com
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Question: Finding myself or placing myself in a near occasion of sin -a sin on it’s own? Out of the Haze: Love Your Enemies (and those you love too!) Coming Attractions for Sunday’s Gospel Church Search is in Kansas City Mo: Guardian Angels Parish 1310 Westport Rd (816) 931-4351 http://www.yafc.org yafcinfo@yahoo.com
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It's our BICENTENNIAL PODCAST ... #200! We're outside in Central Park answering your faith questions. Q: Can a decree of nullity (annulment) apply to just one of the spouses or to the marriage as a whole? Out of the Haze talks about being poor in spirit. Coming Attractions for Sunday and Church Search goes to Holy Trinity Church, New York City. And the winners of our guess the mystery voice contest.
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