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"Why is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception moved this year?" Question time is 8:45.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Isaiah.  'Church Search' visit Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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Did God change the vocation of people who leave religious life?  Question time is 9:18.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Isaiah.  'Church Search' visits Dallas, TX.

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"Did Jesus Suffer While He Was in Hell?" Question begins at 8:00. 'Coming Attractions' reads from Psalms.  'Church Search' visits Indianapolis, IN.

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Must we have children to make our lives valuable? Question begins at 3:26. Happy Halloween & All Saints Day!   10-30-13

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"How can I tell what God wants me to do with my life?"  Question is at 5:00. 'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke.  'Church Search' visits Upper Saddle River, NJ.

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"Can I make up for a missed Holy Day of Obligation?" Question begins at 8:50.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke's Gospel.  'Church Search' visits Albuquerque, NM.

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Why Does Our Priest Consume Extra Hosts After Communion? Question is at 13:30. 'Coming Attractions' reads from II Timothy. 'Church Search' visits Chico, CA.

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What can I do when I am physically unable to genuflect?  Question starts at 9:45.  'Coming Attractions" reads the Lazarus parable from Luke. 'Church Search' visits Meridian, Idaho.

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Why do Catholics have to get married in a Catholic Church?  Question begins at 8:00.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke.  'Church Search' visits Salt Lake City, UT.

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"Do All Priests Take a Vow of Poverty?"  Question begins at 8:20.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke. 'Church Search' visits Lawrence, Kansas.

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"Do Saints Have to Be Catholic?"  Question begins at 6:40.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke's Gospel.  'Church Search' visits Rapid City, SD.

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Is it okay for men to wear earrings while serving at Mass?  Fr. Steve is on retreat...  Question begins at 7:23. 08-15-13.

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What does tithing mean to you? Question begins at 6:55. 'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke. 'Church Search' visits Arlington, VA.

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What are your favorite World Youth Day memories?  Recorded in front of a live audience at Vivo Rio at World Youth Day in Brazil.  Special guests Lino Rulli and Brett Siddell assist in answering the question. 08-02-13.

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As you may know, World Youth Day is happening!  On this week's Busted Halo Cast, Fr. Dave answers a vocation question in Rio! Question begins at 5:15.  Check out this video of Fr. Dave's answer from World Youth Day where he addressed English-speaking pilgrims on vocations at the US National Gathering. Fr. Dave begins speaking at the 1:10:00 mark.  And, don't forget to follow our ongoing coverage of World Youth Day on our Rio 2013 blog!  There are photos, videos, Pope Francis sightings, and more!

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Can you explain indulgences in an easy-to-understand way?  Question begins at 9:15.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke.  'Church Search' visit Chicago, IL.

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Where is Jesus' age mentioned in the Scripture? Question at 9:55. 'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke. 'Church Search' visits Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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Can I come back to the Church after 10 years?  Question begins 9:42.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke. 'Church Search' visits Boston, MA.

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Who exactly was Enoch? Question at 10:03. 'Coming Attractions' reads from Galatians. 'Church Search' visits Upper Saddle River, NJ.

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Is resentment toward another's action a sin?  Question at 10:30.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Luke.  'Church Search' visit Akron, OH. Summer Season previews with our intern, Kady.

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Is there a vocation for the single person? Question at 9:12.  'Coming Attractions' reads from Galatians.  'Church Search' visits Michigan.

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Do other religions do the Sign of the Cross?  Should I be concerned about how my daughter practices the Sign of the Cross?  Coming Attractions features a reading from the Gospel of Luke.  Church Search visit Boise, ID.

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Why do some hold hands during the Lord's Prayer? Question is at 5:35.  Coming Attraction reads from Romans.  Church Search visits Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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Why does the priest put a piece of the host in the cup?  Question begins at 7:30.  Coming Attractions reads from Romans.  Church Search visits West Virginia.

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How can we believe in something we cannot prove? Question begins at 10:07.  Check out our Pentecost in 2 Mins. video on bustedhalo.com. 05-16-13.

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Why do we choose a Saint's name for Confirmation?  Question begins at 6:00.  Church Search: Knoxville, TN

Coming Attractions: Ascension of the Lord

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Is doubt a bad thing? Fr. Dave, Fr. Steve and Barbara discuss this question along with Fr. Steve's recent trip to Austin, TX. And...mac & cheese?!?! Church search: Newark, Delaware

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Does prayer in church get heard easier than prayer in my car?  Question begins at 10:50 -- try our new audio player on BustedHalo.com that lets you skip ahead). Happy Easter season. 04-10-13.

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Is faith different than religion?  Fr. Dave is back from Rome after the papal election.  Intern Louis joins the podcast.  03-22-13.

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The Busted Halo Cast Crew celebrates the election of Pope Francis in this Special Edition of the Busted Halo Cast.  Coming Attractions reads from Ezekiel and Church Search visits Fresno, CA.

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Why doesn't Christ's death and resurrection take away our ability to sin? It begins at 6:23.  Coming Attractions is from Ephesians.  Church Search goes to Potomac, MD.

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Is the pope's ring unique to each pope?  We are in the Interregnum.  Soon the conclave begins!  Vote in Papal Madness on the BH Facebook page. 03-01-13.

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The Cast answers three questions about the Papal election process. Question 1 "How do the Cardinals know who to vote for?" is at 9.06.  Question 2 "Can the one chosen decline the election?" is at 13.49.  Question 3 "Can someone campaign to be Pope?" 

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What do we call the pope after he resigns? Plus: many other questions about Benedict XVI's resignation.  It's LENT! Go to our Fast-Pray-Give calendar at www.bustedhalo.com/lent    2-12-13.

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Was Robin Hood sinning when he would rob from the rich to give to the poor? The question begins at the 7:08 mark. "Coming Attractions" takes a reading from the Gospel of Luke.

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Today's question asks what the Catechism means when it says that Jesus came to make men gods (question starts at 7:00).  'Coming Attractions' features a reading from the Gospel of Luke.  'Church Search' visits Tucson, AZ.

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Is the Holy Spirit Jesus' brother? Also, What are the Knights of the Altar?  Lent is coming up soon--what are you choosing to do for Lent? 01-23-12.

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Fr. Dave, Barbara, and Fr. Steve answer a question about choosing Natural Family Planning in concert with adoption.  Question begins at 8:08. "Coming Attractions" features a reading of the Wedding Feast in Cana.  "Church Search" looks at a Basilica in the

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How late can you arrive at Mass in order to receive Communion? (Question begins at 3:52)  It's still Christmas, don't lose the spirit just yet! bustedhalo.com/christmasopoly 04-04-13

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